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jordan Shep

Hey, my name is Shep! I was abandoned by my former family during the harsh winter of 2009/2010. I spent the entire winter as a puppy, in the bitter cold until I was found by the Madison County Animal Shelter. I was rescued through a Brother Wolf adoption day at Pet Smart in June 2010.


I saw Mom walk by my crate, and she couldn’t resist taking me home. I am such a perfect boy and her very first rescue. I am the alarm clock for the house as I am up by 5 AM every morning ready to go have fun! My favorite part of the day is when Mom takes us all on a walk every morning.


*Shep, the oldest, will celebrate 8 years with us on 06/04/2018! He is happy, healthy, and the leader of our pack.



My name is Jordan and I was rescued through Fifi’s Friends in Yancey County. I came through two shelters from the eastern part of NC and was sent to a high-kill shelter in Burnsville. On the day that I was supposed to be put to sleep, the shelter put me up front, hoping that my good looks would somehow get me adopted before that fateful decision.


My foster Mom, from Fifi’s Friends, happened to come in at the end of that day and took me home with her hoping she could adopt me out. I stayed with her for four weeks and then met my future Mom and Dad when they were looking to replace the huge hole in their hearts with the loss of Sugar, their beloved German shepherd, six weeks prior. I am the only girl and I rule the house!


*Jordan is the only girl, but she runs the household.She will be 7 years with us on Mother's Day. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and goes to physical therapy regularly to keep her comfortable and aging well. She does water, laser, and hands therapy.

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My name is Murphy and I was rescued at Tractor Supply in Black Mountain in June 2012 through an adoption day program called Rusty’s Legacy. Mom came to Tractor Supply that day to buy an extra water bucket and could not leave without me.


I overcame some very serious health problems including surviving Ehrlichiosis. After spending four days in the hospital and near death, I rebounded to live a very happy and healthy life. I have a permanent head tilt because of the high fever of when I was so sick. I am Mom’s wild child and never let anything slow me down!


*Murphy turns 6 years old on Cinco de Mayo, 05/05. He is high-spirited, wide-open by day and snuggle buddy by night.


Hi, my name is Riley! I was rescued by Mom when I got hit by a car in front of her office in June 2014. I had some internal injuries and a broken hip but was nursed back to health under her foster care.


It wasn’t long until I was able to steal her heart, and Mom and Dad formally adopted me in September of that year through the Asheville Humane Society. It was found that I have hip dysplasia so I make regular visits to physical therapy for maintenance of both hips. Even though my hips aren’t perfect, there is nothing I love more than playing football with Mom and retrieving balls until I fall over.


*Riley turns 3 years old on 06/05/2018. He still has hip dysplasia and a partially healed fracture, but is managing fairly well as he ages. Riley continues a strict regimen of physical therapy with laser, water, and hands-on to keep him active and for pain management. He is the youngest and the life of the party.

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